re-use the arena


A Civic Renewal: Save the Civic Arena… from

Let’s imagine an extreme makeover that captures its original 1950s hipness

and gives it a new meaning and new purpose.

First a little history:
Throughout the first half of the 20th century we were known for our industrial innovation. This often came at a cost in terms of destruction our environment. In 1958, as part of the 200th Anniversary of Pittsburgh, ground was broken for this icon of modern design and engineering. It was a symbol of our recovery with its innovative movable domed roof showing off the clean air and skyline.

The Vision:
Keys to our future competitiveness will be about conservation, recycling and rebuilding green. So let’s imagine that the stainless steel-clad Igloo could become unique and a destination for visitors to learn of our innovative ways. It could become our answer to Chicago’s Millennium Park.